Our Reliability Solutions

Infrared Inspections

  • Facility electrical system IR inspections
  • Facility electrical & mechanical IR inspections
  • Distribution transformer IR inspections
  • New construction IR commissioning 

MotoR Circuit Analysis

  • Electrical motor testing for in-service motors (De-energized)
  • Electrical motor bench testing for out-of-service motors

Ultrasound Inspections

  • Medium voltage and arc flash dangerous asset ultrasound inspections
  • Air leak detection using airborne ultrasound

Less Downtime Equals More Profit

At Jackson Electric, our focus is to help your company reduce downtime. We both know that less downtime equals more production and ultimately, more profit.

Since your facility’s electrical system is the lifeblood of your business, we start there. Our safety-minded team of professionals provides done-for-you services that detect problems in your electrical system before they lead to equipment failure and unplanned facility shutdowns. Our expertise provides value that directly affects your bottom line. 

Let our predictive maintenance & reliability professionals provide “the right information at the right time” so your production continues uninterrupted.

Our Predictive Maintenance Inspection Process


Initial Intro & Safety Meeting

We meet with the site supervisor to share our process and plan of action. Good first impressions are created and relationships are forged.


PdM inspecting & Data Gathering

We perform a PdM inspection of the entire electrical distribution system or the requested critical equipment. Using PdM inspection best practices, we systematically gather essential data.


PdM Inspection Findings & Exit Meeting

During the exit meeting, we explain our findings and highlight areas of concern that will show up in our Final Report when delivered. Our Certified PdM Technicians explain findings, next steps, and expectations are established prior to leaving the facility.


Final PdM Reporting

We deliver an exhaustively detailed Final Report. Work Orders are created for needed repairs. Cost savings are realized.


Recurring PdM Program Scheduled

We create an Electrical & Mechanical PdM/PM Program with the facility management and schedule future inspections. Future cost savings can be realized to improve reliability and the bottom line.

Inspect Your Critical Electrical Equipment

How does your facility inspect your most critical electrical system assets like main switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, or other arc flash level “Dangerous” equipment if you cannot access the equipment while energized?

An electrical airborne ultrasound inspection is a non-contact test method of inspecting critical electrical system equipment that cannot be opened safely to detect electrical corona, arcing, or tracking which can ultimately lead to equipment failure or an arc flash event.

At Jackson Electric, our absolute focus is to reduce downtime by finding small problems before they lead to electrical system failure. Airborne ultrasound inspections allow us to do that for critical electrical equipment in our customers’ facilities. Our safety-minded team of professionals lives and breathes electrical system maintenance and safety. We know electrical systems and how our services directly provide a return on investment (ROI) to your company’s bottom line.

Does your facility have any arc flash level “Dangerous” equipment? Learn more by reaching out to us through the link below. 

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